Gato negro Prevent the cat from escaping by surrounding the little animal with orange circles.
Leaves Falling Remove all blocks by clicking on groups of the same colour. Use bombs to destroy surrounding blocks. Avoid removing single blocks, or you'll get damaged. Try to find prize sets of ..
Turkey Syria War Continue and immediately after the war between Turkey and Syria Play after loading the game by clicking on the entry and choose the degree of difficulty do you login to the game. ..
Ostrich Lovely Kiss On this festival season! A male ostrich where in great love mood and want to kiss someone to express his feelings. So it runs all the way and kisses all the female ostriches ..
Fleefies Reaction Meet Fleefies, the most furry, funny and adorable creatures you've ever seen. To complete each level, you need to capture at least the minimal required number of fleefies. If you ..
Bubble Fleefies Load, aim and shoot to pop the eggs and set Fleefies free. Add new egg to a group of the same colour. You need to use a sling to throw the egg. Click on the sling to start aiming ..
Hard War Hard fought in War enemy in the game you are given character by pushing down part of a partition using the direction keys move using the arrow while trying to complete the game by ..
Asymmetric Warfare Rebuild the United States after a devastating plague in this turn based strategy card game
Submarine linkl link 2 Submarine linkl link 2
Boule Balls Make all balls in one color.
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