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RandomMaze head to your destination in this over and over random maze! Hope you can get a little fun from it :)
when bike is stolen oh it is incredible
Urban V Legend: Super Spacebar Nothing will stand in your way, armed with your weapon, draw and win. Play against different charters in this action packed Spacebar quick draw. The faster you press the spacebar ..
Rotter Road You're alive in a pixelated zombie apocalypse! Use your weapons to kill all the zombies, super zombies, and boss zombies. Collect the dropped coins and buy new weapons and ..
Another Side: Before the Dawn Help a man who wants to be a novelist.Share his striving and support his heart. There are some mysteries behind the story, too. Enjoy.
THE HUNCHBACK IN LOVE Quasimodo, the hunchback, is in serious trouble! His girlfriend has been kidnapped and she has been segregated in the castle tower. Explores all the rooms to save her! Another ..
Hamburger Hotdog Your snackshop is open! The Burgers and hotdogs have piled up and now its your chance to feed the customers as fast as you can!
Motorbike Connect 12x Motorbike words, try to find them all
labyrinth Test Find the exit in the maze. use arrow keys to move.
Flash Pong Press "space" to start Use "arrows" to control player 1 (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) You can change speed or direction of the ball! Max score is 16.
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